TreeLine Downloads (stable)

See below for development downloads or for older versions.


On a Linux system that has the libraries noted on the requirements page, all that is needed is the source code (with an installer script), included in treeline-2.0.2.tar.gz (444 KB).

Alternately, TreeLine packages are available from the repositories in many popular distrobutions.

But please read about the installation and use of TreeLine.


Two windows installers are available. Use treeline-2.0.2-install-all.exe (9.7 MB) to install for all users (administrator permissions are required). Use treeline-2.0.2-install-user.exe (9.7 MB) to install for a single user (administrator rights are not required). The source code for the libraries used to build the Windows binaries is available upon request.

But please read about the installation and use of TreeLine. There is also information about some alternate downloads if you wish to play around with the source code.

Plugin Extension Modules

TreeLine has an interface to plugin extension modules. This allows extensions to be written by various coders that provide functionality needed by a few users without adding bloat to the main application. The plugins can add new menu items, access the TreeLine data and read and write TreeLine Files.

The plugins are installed by copying their Python file (*.py) to the plugins directory. This can be a directory in the TreeLine installation ("<prefix>/share/treeline/plugins/" on Linux or "TreeLine-2\plugins\" under the Program Files or Application Data folders on Windows) or in the user configuration directory ("~/.treeline-2.x/plugins/" on Linux, "Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\bellz\treeline-2.x\plugins\" on Windows). The same plugin file works for both Linux and Windows.

Development Snapshots (unstable)

There is no new development version (yet).

Older Version (1.4.1)

For use with older plugins or for a French translation, Version 1.4.1 of TreeLine is still available.


Download treeline-1.4.1.tar.gz (356 KB). For translations, also download treeline-i18n-1.4.1a.tar.gz (460 KB).


Download treeline-1.4.1-install.exe (3.2 MB). For translations, also download treeline-i18n-1.4.1a.exe (432 KB).