TreeLine Installation


Extract the source files from the treeline tar file, then change to the "TreeLine" directory in a terminal. For a basic installation, simply execute the following command as root: "python"

If your distribution defaults to Python 2.x, you may need to substitute "python3" for "python" in these commands.

To see all install options, use: "python -h"

To install TreeLine with a different prefix (the default is "/usr/local"), use: "python -p /prefix/path"

To skip dependency checks, use: "python -x"


To install for all users, execute the "TreeLine-x.x.x-install-all.exe" file. Administrator permissions are required.

To install for a single user (administrator rights are not required), execute the "TreeLine-x.x.x-install-user.exe" file.

For a portable install, execute the "TreeLine-x.x.x-install-user.exe" file. The file association, shortcuts and uninstaller tasks should be unchecked. When TreeLine starts and prompts for the config file location, choose the program directory option.

To use TreeLine's spell checker, an external program (aspell, ispell or hunspell) must be installed.


See MacPorts for a third-party port to macOS.